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Cat Scratching Posts


Indoor cats should have scratching posts. Cats should be encouraged to scratch because it helps tone and sharpen their claws. A cat that does not scratch may develop a lack of muscle where the feline needs muscle. Cats in the wild claw at tree bark and your cat scratch post should be rough also.

Have you noticed that most posts that are sold at pet stores are designed for the cat owner in mind? Lots of cat scratch posts are not rough but are instead fluffy. By nature, cats are attracted to rough surfaces.

If you want your cat to stop scratching your furniture or carpets then you must provide a cat scratch post that is much rougher than your things. If your cat sees a fluffy kind of cat scratching post then she will most likely head for your sofa instead.

If you decide that you want to make your own scratching posts then you must find something that is really rough, like the back of a rug. Remember when you create your cat scratching post make sure that everything is fully secured so that when you cat decides to tackle the post she won’t tip over and get hurt.




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