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Feline Diabetes and You







Cat diabetes is on the rise in America. Our feline friends are getting heavier everyday. There are many, many reason for the increase, but if we do not do something about it, our cats will suffer needlessly. We can do something for our pets and it doesn’t take much time at all. We can start off by giving them a well balanced meal plan. Now, from personal experience with my four cats, I know that it is very expensive, especially these days, to purchase canned cat food. We often take the cheaper route and purchase a big bag of dry cat food and simply drop a couple hand full into a cat dish every morning and leave it to the cat to leisurely eat the “crunchies” during the course of the day while we are at work or else where.

Giving your cat dry food instead of wet food is actually hurting her. Your feline friend is simply going back and forth to her bowl of dry food and eating the morsels whenever she feels like it. What do cats do during the day? Sleep and eat. So your cat will most likely after eating her dry food go and lay down on the sofa and sleep. Then after a while, she will jump off the sofa and again head for the dry cat food and the pattern will continue throughout the day.

Your wonderful little fur ball will be so happy when you come home from work and will look to you to have some fun  and exercise. But, what do you feel like when you come home from a long day at work…tired! You may perhaps play with your little family feline for a few minutes, but you will probably go and make some dinner for yourself and your family members, leaving the cat wanting your attention.

Your cat will seek your attention until you give it to her and when you finally do, she will then either go back to sleep, or get another bite to eat. And the pattern will continue.

Of course this is just one story about a family or single person with a cat, all cat stories are different. I want to hear about you and your cat adventures. Please leave a comment.

What I am trying to get at here is that your cat leisurely eats high carb dry food throughout the day and it is bad for her. This is not at all healthy for your cat.  Of course many of my readers do give canned wet food to their cats everyday, but I just want to emphasize the importance of giving wet food opposed to dry food because of the story about my own cat. We will get into that story soon. We will also get into the facts related to processed canned wet cat food soon.

Here are some reason why you should give wet food to your cat, opposed to dry cat food.

1. Wet canned cat food has a higher water count. Meaning that if your cat eats dry food all day and everyday, then she has a greater chance of dehydrating.

2. Cats are carnivores. They are born to eat meat, not processed meat morsels.

I know that there are now dry foods that will give you similar results to wet food. More about that later.

3. If you are going to give dry food, make sure to supplement it with canned cat food at least once a day.

4. If you insist on giving your beloved cat dry food then make sure to have lots of fresh water for her to drink.

Your cat will start looking for water anywhere that she can find it. I know from my experience that when I gave them the dry cat food they would go straight for the water bowl, not to mention the kitchen sink (that will be for another time).





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