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Cat's Bad Breath


Most cats will have bad breath every once in a while. However, sometimes your cat’s bad breath can be a sign that your cat may have a medical problem.  Your can may have bad breath for a number of medical reasons such as maybe he has an abscessed or decayed tooth, or other oral issues such as gum disease or even a oral tumor. Your cat might also be suffering from kidney failure, or some kind of digestive track problem.  If any of these health issues are indicated, take your cat to the vet right away.

Your cats bad breath can also be due to what you are feeding your feline. If you have cheaper wet food it may not contain real nutritional food which could lead to your cat having bad breath.

One thing that you should do if your cat has bad breath for an extended amount of time is to go to the litter box and examine your cats stool to make sure that it normal. See if there is blood in the stool. Again, if you see anything out of the normal consult your vet right away.

When you see your vet, ask your her if she could properly check your cats teeth and mouth. Your vet will most likely tell you to brush your cats teeth with proper cat tooth brushes and tools. She will also show you how to do that without hurting your cat. If you start to brush your cats teeth when your cat is a kitten then your cat will be conditioned to accept the dental care more then an older cat would.



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