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Cat Behavior Problems


Cats often develop some kind of behavior problem, from urinating in the corner, to scratching at your furniture. Sometimes it is hard to realize that cats are animals because we treat them as though they were our children. In many ways cats are our children, but we do have to realize that it is harder to discipline them. Like children, cats have behavior problems. I am going to give you some tips to help you with your cat’s behavior problems.

One reason that your cat is acting up is because it might feel that it is not getting enough attention from you and other family members. You should spend some extra time with your cat. Pet and talk to your cat. Play with her longer then you usually would. This will help your cat psychologically, and will probably help you feline to calm down and relax.

Whatever you do, don’t scare your cat. Your cat will be conditioned to your movements, if you scare her more then once or twice. They will see you as a possible threat and will try to avoid you at all cost. This nervousness will cause your cat to act up and do things that she would not normally do.

Some people think that to discipline a cat is to hit it, that is a horrible thing to do, and unethical. There are many studies that show that, like humans, hitting someone or an animal just amplifies the behavior issue that you pet has and even causes more problems. Most cats will be conditioned to be scared of you.

Change the circumstance of your cats behavior problem. If your cat is doing something like scratching on your furniture, purchase a scratch pad at the local pet store and place your cat at the post. Almost by instinct, your cat will put it’s nails into the pad and scratch away. If you encourage your cat to do that instead of the furniture, then your sofa will last longer.

If you reward your cat when it does bad behaviors, then you will have that bad behavior repeated, over and over, but the same thing hold true if you want your cat to continue good behaviors. Reward your cat when you see good behaviors by petting and playing with them. They will learn that if they do the good behavior, they will get praise and pets so naturally they will continue that good behavior.




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