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Cat Dangers


Cats are constantly in danger in your house. I remember the time that I came home and heard some noises coming from my previously closed bedroom door and saw my cat out side the screen, trying to balance herself on the ledge. My cat had managed to cut a small hole large enough for her to slip through but not large enough for her to squeeze herself to come back in. Luckily I was there to open the screen for her or who knows what would have happened. It was scary and thank God nothing happened.

Cats are in constant danger when they walk around your house. Cats always are searching for something new to do. Cats get in and out of very tiny spaces, right under your nose and most of the time you don’t really know where they have been. Lots of people don’t realize that every day things like cleaning can really hurt your cat. If your cat walks onto a floor that you had just applied cleaner on, and then licks her cat paws, then there is a great chance that your cat could have health issues.

Even things that you would think that would be safe for cats could harm them, things like home deodorizers and sprays. We often think that spraying the air with a deodorizer is safe, however, we forget that the little spray particles float to the floor and your cat walks all over them.

Even MOTHBALLS can harm your cat. The fumes from them destroy your cat’s liver cells. If your cat gets accidentally locked in your closet where the mothballs are located it would only take a couple hours of inhaling them to destroy your cats liver beyond repair!

The next time you come into your house from playing out in your yard think about this…what kind of chemicals do you put in your yard to keep your grass healthy? If you step on your grass and then walk into your house and go all around, your cat will eventually walk over the same spots and suddenly have the chemicals on their feline paws. When cats lick their paws, they are licking off the chemicals!

I love cats so please take my warnings into consideration. Keep your house clean, but make sure that it is safe for your cats. I will have a list of safe feline friendly house cleaners coming soon.




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