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Feline Hypoglycemia


This information is not intended to replace your veterinarian in anyway. If you see any signs in your diabetic cat that make you worry then contact your veterinarian right away!


Glassy Eyed, Increase Hunger, Disoriented, Muscle Weakness, Stagger, Limp, Loud Meows, Lack of Coordination, Hiding in Dark or Small Areas.

Hypoglycemia is very dangerous and if you see your diabetic cat exhibit any of the symptoms then you must treat him right away because it could be potentially deadly. If you suspect that there is something wrong with your cat then immediately test your cat’s blood glucose levels with your home test kit. If you don’t have a home glucose testing kit then you should purchase one right away.

If your cat is showing any symptoms then he could have very low blood sugar and could go into insulin shock. Hypoglycemia happens when there is too much insulin in your cat’s body and could lead to severe neurological damage if not taken care of right away.

If after testing your cat’s glucose levels that the numbers are very low, then to regulate his levels back to normal you should apply some pancake syrup or honey onto his gums. It will only make a temporary spike in his blood glucose levels so it could be a good idea to give him some dry high carbohydrate cat food to help keep your cat’s glucose numbers higher for longer periods of time.

If you are not getting much of a response from your cat and he could be having a life threatening seizure, then don’t give him any pancake syrup or honey, for he could actually choke on it.

If you are not getting any response whatsoever then TAKE HIM TO THE ANIMAL EMERGENCY ROOM!

If you do get a response it could also be a good idea to take him to the animal emergerncy room anyway, just in case, and definitely take him to the veterinarian the next morning. The sooner the better and healthier!



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