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What Kind Of Insulin Should You Use?


It is important to know what type of insulin that you are giving your diabetic feline, for if you give your cat the wrong kind of insulin then it could be fatal. It is also important to have the correct kind of syringe because the syringes must be in perfect alignment with the amount of insulin. It is advised that you bring your insulin and syringes to your local pharmacist and make sure you get the correct ones that go with it. You need to be aware of the concentrations listed in units (U).

Lantus (glargine) and Levemire (detemir) are having good success rates with feline diabetes. These two insulins are growing in popularity because of the good results.

Humulin N. Warning, do not use. It is deemed unpredictable and could harm your cat according to some sources.

PZI This is being pushed out of circulation.

Caninsulin/Vetsulin – not a good pick for diabetic cats.






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