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Feline Diabetes Equals No Dry Food


Many diabetic cats on insulin experience periodic episodes of hypoglycemia when their blood sugar plummets. These diabetic cats become weak and perhaps comatose which could lead to death. This is because when the cats brain does not get enough glucose and it is very common in those diabetic cats that are fed dry cat food. But there are also clinical hypoglycemia in those diabetic cats that are on a low carbohydrate wet food diet.

Why does this happen? The cats liver and pancreas work together. The cats pancreas has an important job, which is to make sure that the cat’s glucose blood sugar does not get to elevated while the liver has to make sure that the cat’s blood sugar levels do not dip to low. So the feline’s liver and pancreas work together to keep the cats glucose levels at a normal healthy rate.

In a healthy cat the pancreas and liver will compensate the proper amounts of blood sugar and it is a strongly developed system because in the cat it gets very tiny amounts of sugar from its meals and there is no real strain on the healthy cats liver and pancreas. But, the cat that lives indoors tend to get elevated amounts of sugar from the processed foods found in dry cat foods and because of this it puts an enormous amount of stress on his pancreas and liver and they become abnormal and could fail to respond to the fluctuations of blood sugar levels which could result into hypoglycemia, which could then result in major illness or even death.

If the diabetic cat suddenly has no normal functioning of his liver or panaceas then he could be depended on the correct amounts of insulin and could become totally depended upon it. It is very hard for the pet owner to provide the exact dosages of insulin to her cat which is why it is a good idea right now to take your cat off of the high carbohydrate diet and place him on the low carbohydrate, high protein catkins diet.





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